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My Background

I was born and raised in New Jersey but don't hold that against me. I attended elementary and high school there and went on to Rutgers University where I obtained my bachelor's degree in psychology. After graduation, I went to work for a pharmaceutical firm where I spent a great deal of time studying anatomy, physiology and pharmacology and visiting every type of medical specialist. It was during this time that I discovered my interest and aptitude for medicine and decided that becoming a physician and helping others was what I wanted to do. I evaluated everything that I had learned about the various medical specialties that I had come in contact with in order to decide what area of medicine I wanted to go into.

Taking an Interest to Podiatry and Foot Surgery

At the time, podiatry was a relatively young field in which I became very interested after visiting several podiatrists in my hometown. I spent time in their offices and watched them perform surgery. Ever since I was a youngster, I enjoyed working with tools, whether it was hammering together a clubhouse out of old wood or taking apart the carburetor from my car. When I went into the podiatrists' operating room, I saw all these fascinating tools and I was hooked. I realized that I was going to have a special interest in performing corrective foot surgery.  Aside from surgery, I was also impressed with the instant relief that these podiatrists were often able to provide to their patients. I saw patients walk into their office with painful ingrown toenails, corns and calluses or other conditions and walk out happy and pain-free. There were few other medical specialties that I witnessed which provided this type of instant relief; I realized that this was for me.

My Education and Training

I applied to several podiatric medical schools and found the best fit to be in Chicago. My wife and I left the comfort and security of family, friends and jobs in New Jersey and set out for the Illinois College of Podiatric Medicine in Chicago (now known as the Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science).Podiatry school was everything that I had hoped for and although working harder than I ever had before in school, my wife and I enjoyed our time in Chicago. Upon graduating with honors, I applied for several surgical residency programs, including one in San Diego. I was accepted into several programs, but the decision wasn't hard after visiting San Diego from Chicago in mid-December. My residency training was very extensive; I worked with many local podiatric surgeons and during that year I participated in many surgical cases.

Establishing My Podiatry Practice in San Diego

At the end of my surgical residency, I was offered a position as an associate with the hospital's chairman of the podiatry department. Six months after taking the associateship, an opportunity arose which enabled me to establish my own practice at Alvarado Hospital Medical Center. That was in 1985. I've been here ever since and have enjoyed an outstanding relationship with the rest of the medical staff and the hospital administration.  I have served as chairman of the podiatry department at Alvarado hospital and representative to the surgical supervisory committee.

Personal Info

My wife and I have been married for 35 years and have three wonderful children, two boys and a girl.  This enabled us to attend many dance recitals, cheer competitions and Little League baseball games (I even coached for 6 years).  I enjoy playing golf and reading any type of spy or detective novel.  I served on the board of directors for the local Little League and as a Rotarian for several years.  Going to the office is one of my greatest pleasures not only because of the people I meet but because of the great staff that I have.  They have been with me for years and make everything run smoothly.  They are a delight to be around.

My Treatment Philosophy

As a board certified foot surgeon and a member of the American Podiatric Medical Society, the California Podiatric Medical Society and the San Diego Podiatric Medical Society, I take my obligation to my patients very seriously. When a patient comes to my office, I recognize how difficult it is to make the effort to seek help for their problem. I also recognize that they are entrusting their care to a virtual stranger and I want to justify their trust in me. People expect great results with respectful, honest treatment and I understand that. My philosophy has always been that I must do what's best for my patients to the best of my ability. That has been the key to my success. I hope I get to meet you soon.



San Diego Podiatrist & Foot Surgeon Dr. Donald Triolo

Dr. Donald Triolo